From one-time gift šŸ„° to loyal donor šŸ’

You have a mission and want to achieve it. With your social organization you are committed to this with heart and soul. But how do you ensure the right funds? With Donations from Procurios you make fundraising not only transparent, but also easy.

  • Online giving made easy
  • Process donations and pledges easily or even automatically
  • Measure the effect of your campaigns

Functionalities and possibilities


Get an insight into the evolution of your donations. See what actions were successful and what funds are performing best.

All donations

Collect all your donations in one place, both online donations, wire transfers or cash payments.

Tax certificates

Generate tax certificates in just a few clicks. Download the certificates in .pdf and Belcotax-online files! Send them by mail or e-mail!

Discover it yourself
Discover it yourself

Gain insights into your donors

Find out who your donors realy are by linking them to your CRM. Target and communicate accuratly from now on!

Everything you need for fundraising

Clear insights into income, campaigns and funds. Physical and onine fundraising suddenly becomes véry easy.

10 reasons to choose online fundraising with Procurios

Online fundraising has quickly become a very effective way for charities and foundations to generate new funds. The online world offers countless possibilities to reach your target audience(s) if you have the proper tools to do so. Below you will find 10 reasons why the Procurios platform is second to none when it comes to online fundraising.

Feature vergelijking
Features Included by default?
Cloud based Acquire new donors and raise funds from anywhere in the world thanks to our cloud based platform Aanwezig
GDPR compliant Never worry about privacy protection again with our fully GDPR compliant solutions Aanwezig
Help & support from The Netherlands and Belgium Got any questions or issues you need resolved? Our service team is happy to help Aanwezig
Autonomous platform No depedencies on third parties... Aanwezig
Use your favorite apps ...but you can connect your favorite applications to our platform with our API Aanwezig
Fully integrated From donor management to website forms: everything uses and feeds into the same data Aanwezig
Easy to use Get up to speed quickly and kickstart your online fundraising Aanwezig
Transparent pricing Due to our tiered pricing you always exactly know what to expect Aanwezig
Monthly updates and improvements We continuously improve our platform so you can do your job even better Aanwezig
Build engagement Your organization ready to gain full insight into donor behavior with our EngagementScore Aanwezig

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