Understand your members and build engagement

Understand what your members care about, reduce membership turnover and turn your members into fans. Associations that proactively want to respond to the needs, questions and challenges of their members get started with EngagementScore.

  • Gain insight into member engagement with EngagementScore
  • Anticipate the needs of your members
  • Make your association more relevant based on solid, irrefutable data

Measure interactions and put your data to work

With EngagementScore, you use data about interactions and data you already have to measure member engagement

Understand what matters to your members

Get ongoing, detailed knowledge of just what attracts members to your association and how to keep them.

Choose what is important and adjust accordingly

Make adjustments based on the insights you gain with EngagementScore and deliver more value to your members

Functionalities and possibilites

Discover it yourself!

What can you expect to get out of EngagementScore?

EngagementScore is an important tool for associations that want to be more proactive. Based on data, clearly presented in a dashboard, you get reliable information about what your target groups find important and how they respond to your activities. Sounds complicated? No worries, our consultants will help you on your way. Still not enthusiastic? Below we've listed why EngagementScore will make a difference for you too.

Feature vergelijking
Features EngagmentScore
Metrics and data collectors You decide which interaction is important for your association. Data from your Procurios Platform, website interactions, meeting participations, form results and from external applications and systems Aanwezig
Scoring system Every member of your association is assigned a score. Based on the data collectors set, they receive more or less points. The more points, the greater the engagement Aanwezig
Track engagement over time Measure scores over a period of time determined by you. This allows you to see the evolution of member engagement over a period of time. Aanwezig
Compare engagement Track how engaged members aare and compare them to the best performing individuals or group Aanwezig
Top scores With a list of top scores, you can see which organisations or individuals are most engaged Aanwezig
Segmentation Thanks to the integration with the CRM, you can easily segment members based on a score. This way you can adjust your communication per segment Aanwezig
Profiles Track engagement on an individual, organisational or group level. Choose segments from your Procurios CRM to monitor. Aanwezig
Engagement Coaching Do you want to learn how to proactively approach your members with EngagementScore? Want help reducing churn? Using your own data, we will learn you how to be (even) more proactive and keep your members happy. Upon request

Measure, interpret, adjust, repeat

Shape your relationship with members in a much more deliberate way, enrich them, and deliver more value.

Your association, more relevant than ever before.

Your relevance is more obvious to your members as you put the right interactions, services and information in place at the right time.

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